The Ridge



This beautiful estate was built in the 1980's as a family home. Oakridge acquired it in 2017, with the vision to offer a private, faith-based conference and event center, expanding the reach of Oakridge Christian Camp.




The Ridge is a ministry center operated under Oakridge Ministries, Inc., which exists to provide summer camp, year-round retreats, and local ministry opportunities for people of all ages, with the goals of introducing each person to the saving grace of Jesus Christ, teaching each person the Word of God, and providing Christian ministry, recreation and fellowship experiences for everyone.



A message from Our Staff


We hope that your stay at The Ridge is a time of peace and spiritual rejuvenation. This facility is dedicated to serving people in the name of Jesus. Our prayer is that this event center will be a place that many people can look back on as the location where they made a positive spiritual decision, a relationship was deepened, or a special celebration took place! We look forward to serving you!

-The Oakridge Family